playing with fire

Gabby Stafford’s boring life heats up when the sexy, smoking hot fireman, Daniel Trenton saves her from a false alarm.
But when the flames get real, Gabby must decide if she can handle the heat.

when lightning strikes

You can run, but can you hide from your past?

Jenna Thompson thinks so. 

Cursed with the gift of visions, Jenna finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation and a kidnapping.

Add to that, chasing a killer through the Desolation Wilderness of Lake Tahoe with a bitter, bad ass ex-Navy Seal, Jake Brocade.

The past collides with the future and now Jenna has only one chance to save a life. 

truth or dare

For Riley Snow, taking the dare seemed easier than facing the truth.

So she took the dare and landed in the arms of sinfully sexy, Shane Blackstone.

But Shane has a secret that could destroy Riley.

Sparks and bullets fly in this twisting turning story of healing old wounds and daring to fight for the truth

Dare to live

What was worse?
Fighting your inner demons or a voodoo curse?
The cherry on top?
A death threat.
Beth Fisher let go of the breath she’d been holding. She was finally home. The pristine blue of Lake Tahoe had never looked better.
But neither had sexy as sin Nick Granger.
Will she risk getting hurt all over again?
Or will Beth dare to live and love?


Naughty or nice 

Life has a way of backing you into a corner.

You either come out swinging, you run, or you hide.

For Mia, hiding turned out to be the best way to be found…by the infuriating but sexy as sin man of her dreams.


Killing isn’t always a choice.
Even for an assassin.
Or is it?
Zoe McKnight found a way to fight for the right side of wrong until Devon Kincaid pushed his way into her life.
She wanted to kill him, but that wasn’t a sanctioned hit. 
Not even close. 
He was sent to protect her from a lethal Drug Cartel out for revenge? 
What the actual F was up with that?
She was a trained assassin for an elite international organization. She didn’t need protection. 
Except, perhaps from Kincaid.
Would Zoe’s lust for vengeance strong enough to take on the infuriating Kincaid?  
Would she fall victim to her own lustful desires for a man she hated?

Men. Sex. Sin.

We ruin the rules, and revel in it.

We are the Sisters of Sin.

Join me, as I dive into an elite assassin organization. One dedicated to bringing justice to the world, one kill at a time.

I am thrilled to introduce you to a group of women who fight for the right side of wrong, in the epic new femme fatale series; SISTERS OF SIN by USA Today and bestselling romantic suspense authors Sofia Aves, Terry Wells-Brown, D. A. Nelson, Michelle Ventura, S.C. Principale and LoLo Paige in one stunning series.



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